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This site represents the collaboration of University of Pittsburgh students, faculty members, and institutional partners working to improve schools by promoting the behavioral health and safety of children and adolescents. Here, you will find resources to support children and teens who have emotional and behavioral challenges.

Embracing Diversity: A Casebook for Teachers

Human diversity brings with it diversity in our schools. Check out this casebook that might enhance educators’ skills and knowledge in communicating and interacting effectively with students and their families who identify with different cultures. Read More


Discover the professional genealogy of this FAMILY TREE bridging many generations. Read biographies of leaders from the field of children's behavioral and mental health. Learn about the career paths, experiences and contributions of pioneers advocating for children of all ages. Read More

Visit "Stories for Children"

Available now on SBBH: stories for children! These stories were designed as developmentally appropriate, child-friendly approaches to explain behavioral interventions. A caregiver information guide appears in the back of the book. This guide will explain the intervention in parent-friendly language. Read More

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