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The University of Pittsburgh's SBBH faculty and students work in the Applied Developmental Psychology Program in the School of Education's Department of Psychology in Education

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education is a community of students (about 1500), faculty, and staff devoted to the improvement of education. One of our major goals is to produce the very best education professionals at every level from early childhood through higher education. In addition, we want to make a difference regionally, nationally, and internationally, through our research and service efforts and through the training of education scholars.

Whether through internships in the classroom or in work on major research and service projects in Pittsburgh, other American cities, or overseas, our programs emphasize the connection between learning by doing and learning through coursework.

The three primary goals of our School are 
  • improvement of urban education through both research and the training of teachers and other school professionals 
  • improving the factors outside the teacher-student relationship that influence learning (including physical activity, emotional well-being, a head start on the building blocks of school success, experiences that underscore the need for learning, freedom from fear), and 
  • helping to improve regional, national and international education policies.

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