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Culturally Responsive Classrooms: A Toolkit for Educators
File Type: pdf
Author: Todd Bertani, Laura Carroll, Melissa Castle, Kathleen Davies, Ashley Hurley, Tina Joos, Christina Scanlon

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This resource book has been created to help teachers create and shape culturally responsive classrooms. Given that the diversity in schools and classrooms is increasing, teachers are now in a position to learn more about their students in order to meet their needs within the classroom setting (Cartledge, Gardner, & Ford, 2009). Some common questions include:

·      What is culture?

·      How diverse are school settings today?

·      How do I find out about my students’ cultural backgrounds in a respectful manner that provides me with accurate information?

·      How do I come to understand my own cultural thoughts and beliefs?

·      How do I incorporate students’ families into my educational practices?

·      What if I do not understand why my students are behaving in a particular manner?

·      How do I build a trusting classroom environment where everyone feels welcome?

·      How can I help my students become more engaged in classroom lessons?

·      What discipline practices are appropriate?

These are all common questions asked by teachers. It is the goal of this resource to help answer some of these questions to help teachers build culturally responsive classrooms.

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