For Families
For Families
Family members will find information on this page to help you understand behavioral health challenges. We have reader-friendly brochures about different problems. 

Coming soon will be pod casts (radio shows) for adults and youth to learn about emotional and behavioral disorders. We hope you will find the resources on this page helpful for you.
Student Self Advocacy Booklet

How Teachers Can Help Me: Student Self Advocacy Booklet

In this student self advocacy booklet, students with mental and behavioral health disorders are able to check off a wide variety of strategies and accomodations that they feel will be beneficial to them while in school.

There are two formats of this booklet, double-spaced and single-spaced. The double-spaced version, though longer, may be more readable for some individuals with learning challenges. When using this booklet, you may want to use only selected sections, depending on the settings the student finds challenging.

How Teachers Can Help Me: Student Self Advocacy Booklet
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