For Professionals
For Professionals
Professionals working in school-based behavioral health will find many resources on this page. Students and the faculty members in the University of Pittsburgh’s School-based Behavioral Health Specialization have developed professional development resources including slide presentations and accompanying study guides, handbooks, forms, newsletters, and pod casts for your use. These materials are copyrighted, so we ask that you contact us before using them in your own work.
Cultural Diversity

Human diversity brings with it diversity in our schools. Yet, educators may not have adequate preparation to engage in culturally sensitive encounters with students and their families.  Our team decided to write a casebook that might enhance educators’ skills and knowledge in communicating and interacting effectively with students and their families who identify with different cultures.
The casebook is divided into chapters, each exploring a different aspect of diversity. Each chapter includes an explanation and need for cultural sensitivity, and two cases with questions for discussion. One case involves an interaction with a student, while the other case focuses on a parent-teacher interaction. The cases illustrate missteps that adults may make in their interactions with children and their families. Following each case study is a list of questions that may be used for discussion. In addition, three sections titled “What?”, “So what?”, and “Now what?” provide information and tips associated with each of the seven content areas. Finally, a resource section within each chapter includes additional resources that teachers and educators may find useful. Books, websites, and films are included in these resource sections.
Our casebook is designed for use in teacher preparation classes, new teacher induction, or professional development sessions in schools and youth agencies. It is our sincere hope that these initial suggestions and resources will be useful to educators as they talk about cultural influences and pursue improved practices.  

Student Self Advocacy Booklet

How Teachers Can Help Me: Student Self Advocacy Booklet

In this student self advocacy booklet, students with mental and behavioral health disorders are able to check off a wide variety of strategies and accommodations that they feel will be beneficial to them while in school.

There are two formats of this booklet, double-spaced and single-spaced. The double-spaced version, though longer, may be more readable for some individuals with learning challenges. When using this booklet, you may want to use only selected sections, depending on the settings the student finds challenging.

Student Self Advocacy Booklet - double spaced

Student Self Advocacy Booklet - single spaced

Behavior Brief Newsletters
Welcome Back 2007 - First Impressions Really Do Matter: The Importance of the First Weeks of School
File Type: doc
Author: Allison Gottfried

September 2007 - Bullying
File Type: doc
Author: Mary Margaret Kerr, Constance DeMore Palmer, and Jessica Yamnitzky

April 2008 - Profanity in the Classroom
File Type: doc

April 2008 - Classroom Compliance
File Type: doc
Author: Tim Wagner

October 2008 - Good Behavior Game
File Type: pdf

February 2009 - Bullying
File Type: pdf

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