School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (SWPBIS) is a multi-tiered intervention process. The intervention progressively applies more intensive approachesĀ to students who do not succeed when less concentrated interventions areĀ in place. This model has been widely used in public health, but only recently has it been applied in other human service agencies, including education, mental health, social work, and crime prevention. The model encompasses three levels of prevention: primary, secondary, and tertiary (Kerr & Nelson, in press). SWPBIS is currently implemented in thousands of schools across the U.S. with excellent results, including improved academic performance, reduction of misbehavior, and recouped administrative and instructional time.
PBIS Resources
Discipline Committee Meeting Guide
File Type: doc
Author: Charlene A. Trovato, PhD

Using ODR Data to Improve Behavior
File Type: doc
Author: Caroline Collela, Charlene Trovato, Mary Margaret Kerr & Wade Buckland

Universal Standards Manual
File Type: pdf
Author: Michael W. Valenti & Mary Margaret Kerr

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