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In 2017, a group of students enrolled in Psychology in Education 2524 (a course about helping children with behavioral challenges) at the University of Pittsburgh.  During the course, each student wrote a story you will find here.

How might a story benefit the child? By creating a developmentally appropriate, child-friendly story, we created an opportunity for the child to gain further understanding of their behaviors and interventions that may be in place to address their behaviors. The highlighted interventions are among more commonly seen interventions in the field that many children experience.

How could a story benefit families? Not only can these stories serve as an information tool for the child, but they can also further inform a family of interventions that are in place for their child in school and at home. Children’s literature creates opportunities for families to connect over a story, creating an opportunity for the parent and child to spend time with one another.  A caregiver information guide appears in the back of the book. This guide will explain the intervention in parent-friendly language.

How may I use the stories? We sincerely hope that you enjoy these stories.  Please respect our rules of use for the stories, each of which is copyrighted by the author:

·      PROHIBITED: Duplication for commercial purposes such as workshops, sales, or consulting

·      PROHIBITED: Using the story in ways that are restricted by the author, as listed in the notice posted on some stories.

·      ALLOWED: Downloading, printing, and sharing the story (unless restricted by notice) in its entirety with teachers, children, families, and other interested persons!

If you want to share comments or contact an author, just contact us through this website or at


Mary Margaret Kerr, Professor and Cristina Restrepo, Teaching Assistant

University of Pittsburgh

June 15, 2017



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